Historic Ornamental Plaster Restoration

Historic Ornamental Plaster Restoration in Inman Park - Atlanta, GAHow can our expert plaster artisans assist you in restoring or preserving your historic decorative plaster?

Cast Designs Ornamental Plaster has performed historic plaster restoration for over 25 years in structures ranging from hsitoric courthouses, historic theaters, historic churches, historic homes, and numerous other facilities in whcih our attention to detail, our vast experience, and our extremely talented artisans have allowed us to help restore these historic landmarks to their original grandeur.

                                                                                                  Cast Designs Historic Restoration of Callen Castle - Atlanta, GA
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Our Historic Plaster Restoration Services:
1) Restoration in place for isolated repairs to include shoring, stabilization, limited demolition, and sculpting.  Historic straight-run plaster moulding is often replicated through run-in-place molding through our use of sheet metal forms that replicate the molding profile.
2) Moldmaking in place for architectural elements that cannot be removed but that need to be replicated through casting in a mold.
3) Moldmaking in our ornamental plaster shop for items that can be removed with limited damage. 

History of Ornamental Plaster in the U.S.
From the time America struggled for a new identity as a constitutional replublic (and well into the 20th Century) its architecture and is decorative detailing remained firmly rooted in the European classicism of Palladio, Wren, and Mansart.

Together with skilled masons and carpenters, ornamental plasterers saw their inherited trade flourish from the mid-18th centruy until the Depression years of the 1930s.  During this two-hundred year period, as the Georgian and Federal styles yielded to the revivals (Greek, Rococo, Gothic, Renaissance, and Spanish), decorative plaster reflected each style, resulting in the wide variety of ornamentation that survives.  The traditional methods of producing and installing interior decorative plaster were brought from Europe to our country intact and its practice remains virtually unchanged to this day.

Like flat walls and ceiligns, historic ornamental plaster is made of gypsum and lime which are stable and durable materials.  An extremely versitile material, plaster can be modeled, cast, incised, colored, stamped, or stenciled.  However, as an integral part of the building system, it is subject to the typical problems of water intrusion, structural movement, vibration, and insensitive alterations, both incrementally and from adaptive use projects.

Belcourt Theater Decorative Ornamental Plaster Restoration - Nashville, TN
Original Home to the Grand Ole Opry (1934-1936)

Belcourt Theater Proscenium Restoration - BeforeAfter Moldmaking, plaster restoration, and sculpting by artisansAfter historic ornamental plaster and paint restoration

            Before Restoration                           After Plaster Restoration                  Finished Restored Proscenium


Historic Home Ornamental Plaster Ceiling Medallion Restoration - Clarksville, TN

After a tragic fire in this historic residence, Cast Designs was asked in there was any way to restore a ceiling medallion that was damaged  in the fire.  Upon evaluation of the original historic piece, Cast Designs realized that the original was in over 30 pieces.  For a detailed photo journal of the ornamental plaster medallion restoration process, please click here.  Below are a before and after photo.

Before Photo - Inventoried Original Pieces of Historic Ceiling Medallion by Cast DesignsRestored Historic Ornamental Plaster Ceiling Medallion After Installaion but Before Painting